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    All, semiautomatic C/Z purlin machine adopts the same set of equipment through simple stepless automatic and manual,Adjustment is can produce various specifications of C/Z type purline, change the specifications without any change of the forming roller. production process the automatic control mode,can according to the input pu-rlin length, longitudinal pitch,quantity.etc the parameters for auto-matic punching and cutting, moldingl.
    C/Z purlin machine by orientation, leveling device, two hydraulic pu-nching device, hydraulic cuting machine ,can rapidly HuanXing roller pressure molding machine. electric control system, hydraulic system,etc.
    Technical Parameters:
    1, the processing workpiece thickness: 1.5 3 mm
    2, punching hole is apart from the horizontal adjusting range: 45 ~ 50O mm
    3, plate length: 2-6 meters
    4, the total motor power: 20 kw
    5, molding machine station number: 17 sets

    Our company produces the device has the following advantages:
    1. The equipment control for PLC control, set up multiple security protection system in the normal production.
    2. The lathe bed is steel weldments. And tempering treatment, eliminate internal stress and avoid the deformation of the fuselage.
    3. The molding frame for cast iron structure and tempering treatment. Strong sex is high, long service life.
    4. The material of rolling roller of 40 cr, and the conditioning treatment, hardness of HB28O.
    5. Molding material for GCr15, quenching treatment, hardness: HRC56-62 C.
    6. Transmission structure for the gear box. Each shape frame has a gear box, can guarantee the equipment over time, high strength, and long service life.C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine manufacturers