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    Moisturizing Lotion OEM
    Moisturizing lotion has a good emollient and moisturizing effect, can keep the skin moist. Early emulsions were oil-in-water emulsions. Potassium soap was used as an emulsifier, but it thickened during storage and was not easily poured out of the bottle. In recent years, diethanolamine sulfate or non-ionic emulsifiers were used. , can produce a very good emulsion. Moisturizing lotion has a certain degree of fluidity and its shape resembles honey, hence its name. The emulsion has a large amount of water and can fully hydrate the skin. The lotion also contains a small amount of oil to nourish the skin. Emulsion has three functions: decontamination, hydration, and nutrition.
    Moisturizing lotion is a liquid cream cosmetic that has a good emollient and moisturizing effect that keeps skin moisturized. Early emulsions were oil-in-water emulsions, and potassium soaps were mostly used as emulsifiers, but they thickened during storage and were not easily poured out of the bottle.Cosmetics OEM suppliers