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    Good acid and heat resistance petrochemical industry 38mm 50mm ceramic cross partition ring
    Product Description.
    Chemxin Ceramic Cross-Partition Ring is improved on the basic of Raschig Rings, which adds the cross-partition in Raschig Rings. These rings enlarge the surface and improve the transfer efficiency.

    Model: Cross Partition Ring
    Shape: Ring
    Color: Light Grey
    Chemical composition
    SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 CaO K2O+Na2O
    >70% 17-23% <1% <1-2% <2-4%

    Physical properties
    Index Value
    Specific gravity(g/cm3) 2.25-2.35
    Water absorption(%) <0.5
    Acid-resisting strength, %Wt. Loss (ASTMc279) 1400
    Density(kg/m3) 2350

    Technical data
    Diameter (mm) D*H*T(mm) Surface area
    (m2/m3) Free volume (%) Number per m3 Bulk density (Kg/m3) Dry Packing Factor (m-1)
    50 50*40*50*5 145 50 6400 600 565
    80 80*64*80*8 120 56 1950 820 356
    100 100*80*100*10 110 53 1000 850 252
    120 120*96*120*12 75 55 370 860 146
    Package : Jumbo bag; Carton box; Wooden Case
    Warranty: a) By National Standard HG-T 4369-2012
    b) Offer lifetime consultation on problems occurred
    2. Typical Application:
    -Used in high or low temperature conditions.
    -Used in the drying columns, absorbing columns, cooling towers, scrubbing towers and actifier columns in chemical industry, metallurgy industry, coal gas industry, oxygen producing industry

    3. Size:

    Package & Shipment.

    Production Process.

    Company information.


    1). What is the terms of payment?
    —T/T 100%, 50%+50%; 30%+70%.
    2). Could you give me a discount?
    —Yes, we can have a negotiation.
    3). How long does it take to delivery?
    —In 7-10 days after receipt the deposit.
    4). If I have questions when received the goods.
    —We have professional team work to support customer to solve any kind of problems.

    Product Series.

    Contact way.
    E-mail: sales@chemxin.com

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